Country Gal Moves into Town

The Back of Our Private Courtyard in Our City Garden

It was a fast seventeen years!

We had lived in Black Creek for this long on Vancouver Island, in BC, Canada. We raised our three children, from birth to their teen years, in this farming area surrounded by wilderness.  After seventeen years passed it was time to pull out our roots and head on into town.

Sometimes life hands you a challenge and you need to decide what is best for your family.  We asked God to open the doors he wanted opened and close the doors he wanted closed.  Simple enough.  But it was heart wrenching to leave a place we had pictured growing old in.  So leaving it in the Lord’s hands made perfect sense.  It was just too hard to do on our own… Continue reading

Bee Fun!

In the Rock Garden

In my last post, I mentioned that I really wanted to get a closer closeup of a bee. Let me tell you; I tried.  My efforts border-lined on compulsive as my normal garden routine was interrupted by my mad dashes to fetch my camera. It wasn’t even safe for me to take out the garbage or the compost bucket. There’s a lot of flowers around our place and hence; a lot of bees…

Busy Bee

The other approach I tried, was to hang out with the flowering sedums and lavender plants.  I got this advice from another blogger whose pictures I greatly admire.  It is a good idea to use a garden kneeling pad, so you don’t harm your knees, as you crouch down at bee level (I learned this the “hard” way.)

In Flight

I’ve admired bees ever since the time, about 14 years ago, when my son was a preschooler and he wanted me to read to him a bee book that we had in our home library.  It was a National Geographic hardcover children’s book, for ages 6 and up.  My son’s keen interest impressed me, and so I read it to him (several times…).  It was fascinating!  The photos were incredible and the text captivating – even to my 3-year-old. He spent a lot of time looking at the pictures after I’d read the book to him.

Nectar Diving!

Dig In!

Fuzzy Friend

Bees are so organized, clean, diligent, and busy.  How can we help but admire them?  Their instincts are so impressive that I can’t help but be reminded of their Creator.  Having lots of bees is God’s gift to gardeners. Without them we would have failed crops.

Loving Lavender!

A gift could be described as something we did not earn.  This last set of photos, of a bee relishing my shrub rose, was a gift.  I had not intended to take his picture.  He showed up as I was taking shots of my fragrant flowers.  I don’t blame him; because I know that I’d love to have some shower gel that smells as good as this rose does.  Whenever I pass by it, on my way to the compost bin, I drink in its fragrance.  I understand that bee’s desire to linger!

Delightful Dining

Fragrant Feast

Circle of Life

Thankful for bees,


Bee Fun!

Bee Seeking…

 Sneak shot by husband, Ian.  Not flattering – but true!

Picture Perfect Garden

Although the title above is not quite fitting for my garden; I have found that my garden is perfect for taking pictures in.  There is such a diversity of flowers and shrubs; trees and hostas; ferns and grasses…well you get the idea. I was inspired by another blog’s pictures to give my “new” camera a whirl ( Mom gave it to me a while back).

What happens to me is that I go out to shoot a few photos and, like today, I end up with over 200. It is always such a shock when my computer informs me of how many files there are, wow!  Thankfully it was my husband’s day off and he had offered to make supper.  I didn’t even hint either, but I cleaned up the kitchen.

Good thing I worked in the garden this morning or I might still be editing pictures. When I am gardening, it means I am living out my passion.  I feel this way about photography and writing too.  Being creative reminds me that we were created.  I believe that when God made us in his image, He included the desire to create.

Here I go again, talking about my faith.  I guess you could say that the Lord is my over-riding passion.  That’s okay with me because I don’t want to do this life thing without Him.  And I really look forward to seeing what will be growing in His garden.  I guess I won’t need a camera?

Well, I  need to go listen to my favorite pianist (daughter) play one of her own compositions and grab a snack before bed.  I suspect that I will be taking pictures in my sleep tonight. I’d love to get a really close closeup of a honey bee. It doesn’t hurt to dream.

What are you dreaming about in your garden? I’d love to hear.

Gone dream gardening.


Flower Power

My first love in gardening is flowers. Perennials take priority because they become like good friends that return each year for a good long tea party. Annuals, such as sweet peas, are a close second due to their heady fragrance and delightful colors.

There is so much potential with perennials that only require a one time trip to the cashier.  Once you’ve adopted one, you can eventually cover a large area, permanently, if you plant it with care. Annuals require a yearly purchase of either the plants or seeds; however, many annuals are open-pollinated and therefore you may save your own seeds for the following spring.

I will plant some more words of encouragement into this post later…lunch beckons  me.

Till later, ( Yes, that was a pun…)


P.S.  I never did come back after lunch; but, now I will add a photo. It’s garden art and it gives me an excuse to collect vintage sprinklers…